You Deserve A Good Dog.  We Can Help You Get There.


Level Up turns diamonds-in-the-rough into well-mannered members of the family.

Whether your problem is jumping, chewing, nipping, pulling on the leash or just plain old disobedience, we use reward-based training methods to work through the whole gamut of canine behavior problems.

Let us develop the potential of your superstar puppy, tame your Cujo-wannabe, or just get Buddy to stop bowling over the guests at the door.

Dog training obedience classes

In-Home Dog Training

Our in-home basic obedience training will set your dog up for a lifetime of cooperation.
Learn how to use positive reinforcement to easily teach and maintain good habits.
Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Quick-Start class is designed to give your new addition the best start in life.
Learn how to set your puppy up for success from day one to prevent problems before they begin!

Service Dog Training

Need a hand with service dog prospect selection, public access or task training?
We are here to help with every step of the service dog training process: from prospect to graduation and beyond.

A Well-Trained Dog Is Easier To Live With, Period.

Living with an untrained dog is frustrating.

The training process shouldn't be.

Level Up's flexible scheduling system gives you two custom-tailored paths to an obedient dog.

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Standard Obedience Programs

In our standard obedience programs, our behavior expert will teach you how to train your dog. Our family-friendly classes aren't dry lectures or harsh boot camps -- we encourage you to ask questions, get involved and have fun with your dog. You'll learn how to fix your dog's problem behaviors and have fun with your dog in the process. Level Up offers three, six and eight week programs that can be customized to fit your needs.
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Walk-And-Train Programs

Or for busy households, let us do most of the work with our accelerated Walk-And-Train programs. You don't need to become a dog trainer yourself to have a well-behaved dog. Let the professional do the hard part!  Level Up's trainer will come to your house and train your dog while you're working. At the end of each week, your trainer will show you everything your dog has learned while you were away.

Ready To Meet Your Better-Behaved Dog?