Need more help than our standard obedience classes? Level Up offers two accelerated training programs to help your dog achieve their maximum potential.

These intensive training classes are ideal for dogs with bright futures, such as aspiring sports dogs, therapy dogs or service dogs.

Our intensive programs are also excellent for tackling big behavior problems such as aggression, reactivity, resource guarding and fearfulness.

If consistency is crucial and there's no time to spare, these are the classes you're looking for. Like all of our training, both of these accelerated training programs are custom-fitted to your dog's needs and goals.

Our Accelerated Training Programs:


Walk-And-Train Programs: For busy households who need fast results, Level Up’s Walk-And-Train programs make advanced training a walk in the park.  These accelerated training programs combine the best parts of weekly lessons, board-and-train and dog walking. Best of all, there’s no need to send your dog away to board with a trainer for weeks. In our walk-and-train programs, the trainer comes to you!

Two, three or five days a week, Level Up’s trainer comes to your home for a customized training session with your dog.  Most people schedule their dog’s lesson during their workday so it doubles as a dog walking or daycare service.  That way everybody wins: Your dog gets some exercise while you’re away, we achieve your obedience goals faster than standard lessons, and you come home to a better-behaved dog in the evenings.

Once a week, you’ll meet with your trainer for a mini-lesson.  This is when the trainer will show you everything your dog has learned that week.  Unlike with standard dog training lessons, you don’t need to learn how to train your own dog from scratch.  We’ll do the training for you and then show you how to maintain the results.

These programs are booked in units of one month.  We accept a maximum of three walk-and-train clients per month, so space is limited.

Superstar Unlimited 30 Day Pass: Our Superstar monthly pass is best for dogs who need professional training in an accelerated time-frame. On a first-come, first-served basis, the Superstar pass allows you to schedule as many training sessions as you need within 30 days.  You can choose between sessions in your home or in dog-friendly places in the community. This pass is ideal for:

  1. Service dog prospects who need extensive practice in public with high behavioral standards
  2. Reactive dogs who need substantial professional support to address their anxious or aggressive behavior
  3. High-energy adolescent dogs who are suddenly bordering on unmanageable.

Limit one 1-hour session per day, either in home or in the community. Pass expires 30 days from the first appointment.

Unlimited sessions for 30 days at $450 per pass