About Level Up Dog Training

Our Mission: Our goal is to help dogs live in a human world. That's why we believe there is nothing stronger than the power of properly-applied positive reinforcement.

Our Philosophy: Level Up's training philosophy is always "first, do no harm."  No choke chains, no prong collars, no shock collars, no fear, no domination -- just fast, ethical training that works.  Our main tools are clickers, treat pouches and a thorough understanding of behavioral science.   We know that living with an untrained dog can be stressful, but the training process shouldn't be.

Our Programs: All of Level Up's programs are customized to your individual needs so you can get the most benefit from our time together.  That's why we offer two types of in-home dog training:

  1. Private coaching: We show you how to train your dog.
  2. Day training: We train your dog for you, then show you what your dog has learned.

Our Location: Level Up's dog training classes are available in Jacksonville, NC and the surrounding area.

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Level Up Dog Training in Jacksonville NC

About Natalie Bridger Watson, CPDT-KA

In her capacity as dog person, Natalie is

  • A positive reinforcement dog trainer
  • An advocate for deaf dogs and reactive dogs
  • A service dog handler

Experience: Natalie began working with dogs professionally in 2009 and still believes it's the best job in the world. In those eight years, she has worked with more than a thousand different dogs of various ages, sizes, breeds and temperaments.

Passion: Her favorite cases involve working with deaf dogs, service dogs and reactive dogs who need help coping with the world. She loves any excuse to dive into the nitty-gritty science behind training with positive reinforcement.


  • Natalie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA), passing the rigorous certification exam with a score of 97.6% overall, including perfect scores in two of the five skills tested.
  • Natalie is a full member of the Pet Professional Guild. As a result, she proudly follows the PPG's guiding principles and their commitment to stress-free learning and positive reinforcement.
  • Natalie is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through the Red Cross.

Other: In addition to her dog training with Level Up, Natalie also volunteers with a private group for service dog owner-trainers in her spare time.  She travels the east coast for dog sports and training competitions with her four dogs, competing in barn hunt, nosework, lure coursing and more.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed
Pet Professional Guild Member

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