Crate Training

Crate training is one of the most effective ways to set your dog or puppy up for success in your home.  Crate training is not just a critical part of puppy training. At Level Up, we believe that dogs of all ages should be comfortable in a crate.

Positive crate training can make the kennel your dog's favorite place to be.

The Benefits of Crate Training

Most people have heard of using a crate to accelerate the potty training process.  But this versatile tool can also be used to temporarily manage a wide variety of behavior issues while more direct training solutions take effect.

Crate training can help behavior problems such as:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Jumping on guests
  • Car-sickness or travel anxiety
  • Jumping on counters
  • Raiding the trash
  • Inter-household conflict between dogs
  • and much more

A crate keeps your dog safe and comfortable during the training process.  It also keeps them from re-learning bad habits while you work on installing good ones.

What Crate Training Isn't

Contrary to common belief, there's a lot more to crate training than just putting the dog in the kennel and hoping for the best. In fact, doing that may set back your dog's progress dramatically and make future crate training even harder.

People often mistakenly believe that crate training should be automatic, or that dogs will naturally enjoy the confinement of a crate because it is den-like.  (If we had a quarter for every time someone insisted that their panicking dog should automatically love their crate because "dogs are denning animals....")  This belief leads to a whole list of risky advice, such as "just letting them cry it out," which can backfire badly.  You don't need to take that risk.  With Level Up's help, you can successfully teach your dog to love being in their crate, not just tolerate it.

Level Up's Crate Training Quick-Start Program:

This one session quick-start program will help you get off on the right foot with crate training your dog.

Let us teach you how to introduce the crate correctly for a positive and stress-free experience.  Far from being cruel or punishing, a crate can become your dog's safe haven and favorite place to rest.

This program is appropriate for puppies and dogs of all ages. You will need to supply your own crate (plastic, wire or fabric).

1 to 2 hours at $65