Service dog training in Jacksonville NCService Dog Training

Level Up Dog Training offers service dog training to qualified local teams.  We are passionate about helping people with disabilities achieve independence through the use of well-trained dogs.  Level Up’s owner and head trainer is a disabled service dog handler herself.

Service dogs are trained to perform skills which improve the lives of their disabled owners. The type of task each dog needs to learn varies with their handler’s disability. While most people are familiar with guide dogs for the blind, a trained dog can help mitigate many types of disabilities. Dogs for PTSD, mobility assistance and autism have risen to the forefront of public awareness in recent years, but dogs for diabetes, allergen detection and hearing alert tasks remain relatively obscure.

Level Up offers training for many types of disability, such as:

  1. Psychiatric alert/response (PTSD, panic, anxiety, autism)
  2. Medical alert/response (e.g. seizure response)
  3. Mobility assistance
  4. Life assistance (e.g. retrieve phone for fallen owner)
  5. Diabetic alert
  6. Allergen detection
  7. Hearing alert

Interested in working with Level Up? Be sure to read through our service dog program criteria to make sure you are eligible.

Due to the intensive nature of service dog training, we only offer a limited number of working spots at any given time. This allows us to maintain our high quality standards and ensure that our clients receive the best possible results.

Current status: Accepting Applications.

Our Service Dog Programs:

Level Up can meet you wherever you are in the service dog training process, from prospect selection to graduation. We prefer to meet with handlers as early in the process as possible — ideally even before they choose the dog they’d like to train.

Prospect Selection and Evaluation:

If you would like professional assistance in choosing a dog who is likely to succeed at service dog training, Level Up can help you find a qualified puppy or rescue dog.

If you already have a dog you’d like to train, the first step is to schedule a Prospect Evaluation to learn more about your needs and evaluate your dog as a potential partner.

Obedience Foundations:

For assistance dogs in training, we recommend our Real-World Ready Program or our Superstar Unlimited 30 Day Pass for basic or advanced obedience.

Public Access and Task Work:

Once a dog can demonstrate advanced obedience, your trainer will give you clearance to begin public access training and task work.  At this stage, your trainer will accompany you in public locations and work on public-specific service dog skills, such as waiting under a table at restaurants, riding on public transportation, navigating crowds and checkout lines, etc.  This is also the stage where you will focus on teaching the specific tasks to mitigate your disability.

Started Prospects and Fully Trained Program Dogs:

Occasionally, Level Up will have a started prospect or fully trained program dog available for applications.

Started prospects have a steady temperament and have finished their advanced obedience training.  They are ready to begin public access and task work with their new handlers.

Fully trained program dogs have completed advanced obedience and public access training.  Their tasks will be customized to their future handler’s needs before they are placed.

We do not currently have any started prospects or program dogs available for placement.  If you are interested in a started prospect or a program dog, please Contact Level Up to be put on our waiting list when we have a dog available.