Level Up's private training programs are custom-tailored to your dog's biggest behavior problems.  Whether your dog is just one tiny problem away from canine perfection or in serious need of some muttly manners, our customized private sessions can help bring peace back to the household.

Private Training Programs:

Level Up's private training classes set the foundation for a lifetime of manners and obedience. Best of all, our classroom is your living room!  Since these classes are "in your space, at your pace," they're a great alternative to rigid weekly group classes. Private training can easily accommodate busy households with special scheduling needs.

Fixer Upper 3 Session Package: This minimalist package is ideal for finally fixing one to two frustrating nuisance behaviors.  Common topics include jumping, stealing food, not coming when called or pulling on the leash. This is not a full obedience course — just quick, efficient fixes for your dog’s most frustrating behavior problems.  Not appropriate for aggression, fearfulness or guarding.

Basic Obedience 6 Session Package: This class will teach your dog all of the basic obedience skills for a well-mannered pet. Your dog will learn to sit, down, stay, come when called, walk politely on the leash, leave it, target and go to bed/crate. You will also receive support for nuisance behaviors like jumping, begging, potty training, stealing food, etc.  This is our just-the-basics class.

Real-World Ready 8 Session Package: This package takes basic obedience to the next level. New environments with more difficult distractions will build stronger skills and better behavior in common real-world situations. As a result, Real-World Ready is ideal for people who hope to pursue therapy work, service work, the Canine Good Citizen title or dog sports with a rock-solid basic obedience foundation.  This is our most popular program.

Superstar Unlimited 30 Day Pass: Our Superstar monthly pass is best for dogs who need professional training in an accelerated time-frame. On a first-come, first-served basis, the Superstar pass allows you to schedule as many training sessions as you need within 30 days.  You can choose between sessions in your home or in dog-friendly places in the community. This pass is ideal for:

  1. Service dog prospects who need extensive practice in public with high behavioral standards
  2. Reactive dogs who need substantial professional support to address their anxious or aggressive behavior
  3. High-energy adolescent dogs who are suddenly bordering on unmanageable.

Limit one 1-hour session per day, either in home or in the community. Pass expires 30 days from the first appointment.

Unlimited sessions for 30 days at $450 per pass