Superstar Unlimited 30 Day Training Pass

Need more in-depth specialized training than a traditional obedience class?

Working with a reactive dog who needs frequent sessions?

Or maybe you just want to make progress on your dog training goals as quickly as possible and don't want to be limited to the usual one session per week.

Fact:  The more often you practice an obedience skill, the stronger the skill becomes.

Our Superstar Unlimited Pass is built for people who need professional training in an accelerated time frame.  On a first-come, first-served basis, the Superstar Unlimited Pass allows you to schedule as many private training sessions as you need within 30 days.  You can choose between sessions in your home or in dog-friendly places in the community.

Unlike our other obedience programs, which are personalized around a common curriculum, our Superstar program is 100% customized to your dog's specific needs.  We will build a detailed training plan specifically for your dog and work with you as often as you like, up to once per day for thirty days, to accomplish those goals.

This is an excellent option for:

  1. Service dog prospects who need extensive practice in public with high behavioral standards
  2. Reactive dogs who need substantial professional support to address their anxious or aggressive behavior
  3. High-energy adolescent dogs who are suddenly bordering on unmanageable and need dramatic, fast results.

Effective training requires commitment from both ends of the leash. This pass is an excellent deal for people who are willing to put in the hours to reach their training goals quickly.  For those would would prefer a more traditional approach, our Basic Obedience or Real-World Ready programs may be a better fit.

The Fine Print:

Limit one 1-hour training session per day.  Pass expires 30 days from first lesson.  This pass is for private training sessions only; our day training sessions do not qualify.

How It Works:

  1. Book an appointment for your free consultation here.
  2. We will meet at your house or at a dog-friendly public location at a time that works for you.
  3. We will show you how to teach advanced obedience skills using simple and positive dog training methods (clicker training).
  4. You'll get a worksheet with quick and efficient homework games to practice in between sessions.  These games take about five minutes a day. (Tip:  Running low on time?  Train during TV commercials!)
  5. During and after your training program, you will get free phone and email training support for the lifetime of your dog.  If a problem pops up the next day or five years from now, help is just a free phone call away.

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